Exmark adds spreader-sprayer accessories

Looking to enhance the versatility and ease-of-use of its popular stand-on Spreader-Sprayer, Exmark has introduced a number of new accessories for the machine.

Exmark Product Manager, Lloyd von Scheliha, said the new accessories are a result of feedback the company received from its customers.

“Not all of our customers have the same needs, so we took the feedback of Exmark Spreader-Sprayer users from across the country and developed these new accessories for the machine using their input.”

New accessories include a Multi-Purpose Bag, which attaches to the tower of the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer and can hold a 2.5-gallon hand sprayer. The bag can be adjusted to hold smaller spray bottles as well. The Multi-Purpose Bag gives operators the ability to carry and spray an additional product to what they’re spraying in the tank, and the design is easy to remove when fitting the machine through gates or other tight spaces.

The new 30-inch Hose and Tray Extension doubles the length of the stock spray wand hose, giving the operator extended range from the machine when spot spraying. An extended hose tray is included to hold the hose and keep it protected.

Exmark also introduced a Hose Tray for the stock 15-inch spray wand hose. Designed to provide additional protection against hose snagging on limbs or branches, the Hose Tray features durable construction and an easy to install design.

The 2017 Exmark Spreader-Sprayer

The 2017 Exmark Spreader-Sprayer delivers stand-on productivity with innovations to make it more comfortable and easier to operate, with the increased versatility and capacity landscape professionals need to maximize profitability.

Exmark developed innovative Lean-to-Steer controls for the Spreader-Sprayer, which permit one-handed control of machine speed and direction. This frees the other hand to perform spot spraying with the easy access spray wand, or make quick adjustments to the spray or spread system on the fly.

According to von Scheliha, the innovations Exmark developed for the Spreader-Sprayer were driven by customer feedback, specifically the challenges they faced with existing equipment.

“Their feedback helped us dial-in on the need for ease-of-operation, maximum versatility and increased capacity, so they can do more, with less unproductive downtime during the day.”

The spread and spray systems are designed to apply materials with maximum consistency in a wide variety of conditions. Selectable narrow (up to 5.5-feet) and wide (up to 11-feet) spray nozzles deliver unmatched spray system versatility, and spray nozzles are easy to change without tools. Dual in-tank induction nozzles provide aggressive agitation to keep spray mixtures in suspension, even with hard-to-spray materials such as wettable powders or flowable solids.

The 20-gallon spray tank features a wide-fill mouth, with on-tank graduation markings for easy, accurate mixing, and space on top of the tank for an additional 50-pound bag of dry spreadable material.

The Spreader-Sprayer uses a proven Spyker spreader combined with Exmark’s innovative controller system, which gives the operator the ability to broadcast dry materials consistently at widths of 4- to 22-feet. The fingertip placement of spread system controls makes changes to spread pattern or lateral adjustment quick and easy. Additionally, the operator can lock spinner speed to minimize unintended in-use adjustments, and the system also provides operational alerts.

The large 175-pound hopper features a soft hopper cover to protect materials from moisture during transport. The Exmark Spreader-Sprayer is powered by a durable, easy to maintain Subaru EX27 commercial engine, with a reliable hydraulic transmission capable of speeds of up to 5.5 mph forward and 4.0 mph reverse. The welded stainless steel mainframe and powder-coated control tower are designed to resist corrosion, and the stainless steel operator platform includes isolation mounts for a smoother ride over uneven terrain. The platform locks in the up position to reduce the space required for trailering or storage of the machine.

Learn more about Exmark’s new accessories for the 2017 Spreader-Spryer, as well as complete features and specifications for the machine, at Exmark.com.