Consumer research supports new focus for Project EverGreen

Project EverGreen’s board of directors has announced the non-profit organization is taking on an even bigger role; one that encourages consumers to join a movement of individuals who make a difference in their communities through managed yards, parks and green spaces.

With the vision of creating a greener, cooler earth that results in healthier, happier people, Project EverGreen recently conducted national consumer research to gauge consumer interest and intent to participate and support Project EverGreen’s new mission of bringing people together to make a difference in how our yards, parks and communities create a greener, cooler, healthier earth.

The results of the study reveal that consumers understand the importance of working together with neighbors and businesses to create green spaces for the physical – and equally important – psychological benefits. Project EverGreen will serve as the conduit with consumers through its key programs – GreenCare for TroopsTM, SnowCare for TroopsTM and “Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.TM”

“Regardless of company and what you sell, who you serve, one of the ways we’re united is our universal belief that a greener earth results in a cooler earth,” said Dan Carrothers, Project EverGreen’s board chair, and global business manager at Emery Oleochemicals. “And we know, greener and cooler contributes to make each of us healthier and happier as it assures we’ll have access to areas that feed our physical and psychological needs – whether that’s a plant on a balcony, a well-maintained yard, or a park that is the center of activity in a community.

“That’s why working together is so important. It’s up to all of us to do our part for a greener, cooler, healthier earth,” he added.

“The new mission for Project EverGreen more accurately reflects who we are and what we do,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Since our inception, we have been the conduit to bringing like-minded groups and individuals together to revitalize yards, parks and green spaces and to share the physical, psychological and social benefits of those areas with consumers.”

In addition to reshaping its mission, Project EverGreen was committed to assessing consumer interest and ultimate engagement, in the good work of those represented by Project EverGreen. Consumers surveyed confirmed they are ready to partner with Project EverGreen and work together toward a greener, cooler, healthier earth. In two different waves of research surveying more than 1,200 adults from across the US the new mission is:

#1 Preferred by those surveyed

#1 Statement to encourage consumer financial support

Rated favorably by over 50% of respondents that describe themselves as charitable givers

Rated favorably, equally by men and women

Rated favorably by millennials to those 65+

Rated favorable by respondents representing a wide range of household incomes

“The mission and vision are ideally suited for consumers who are ready to join this movement,” Carrothers said. “We know many industry partners are doing consumer outreach and we welcome opportunities to collaborate.”

This message has been verified by sophisticated consumer market research – the very people who are ultimately buying green industry goods and services. National consumer research elicited responses such as these:

  • The mention of a healthier, cooler environment made me think.
  • It’s important that people work together to benefit our planet and health, and the health of future generations.
  • Without bringing people together, nothing can be accomplished and sustained as a goal.
  • The mission explains not only the beauty of outdoor green spaces, but also the importance of the health of that space.

Project EverGreen’s key initiatives and local revitalization projects won’t change, but how the non-profit communicates with consumers will change. How yards, parks and communities help to cool the earth, leading to happier, healthier people will be central to Project EverGreen’s message.

Beyond Project EverGreen’s mission and its programs, as well as the many other industry initiatives and educational resources, the focus of this movement is to help raise the social consciousness about creating a healthier earth for future generations.

“There’s only one earth; we get only one chance at this,” said Carrothers. “We’re confident that as an industry, partnering with consumers, we can create an earth that is greener and cooler; and assure that we’re leaving an earth to the generations to come that will contribute to the healthiness and happiness for all.”

About Project EverGreen

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization committed to informing the public about the positive effects of well-maintained green spaces in our communities where we live, work and play, including lawns and landscapes, sports turf, golf courses, trees and parks. To learn more about Project EverGreen and to join us in our efforts to restore and revitalize green spaces in cities nationwide, visit