Wiedenmann North America takes top distributors to Germany

During 2014 & 2015, Wiedenmann North America, LLC implemented an incentive program for the North & South American distributors of Wiedenmann natural and artificial turf maintenance equipment. Salespeople who reached the set threshold by the end of 2015 were honored with a trip to Germany. During this trip, the winners and their significant others toured Wiedenmann’s world headquarters and then enjoyed traveling throughout southern Germany to such places as Fussen, Oberammergau, and Munich.

Winners of the incentive program who traveled to Germany are as follows:

Mike Cornicelli, A-OK Turf Equipment; Shane Cornicelli, A-OK Turf Equipment; Michael Cornicelli, A- OK Turf Equipment; David Shackelford, Austin Turf; Ryan Smith, Belkorp Ag; Sal Sorbello, Belkorp Ag; Tom Corralez, Belkorp Ag; Josh Berman, Finch Equipment; Phil Page, Finch Equipment; Paul Schultheis, Finch Equipment; Tim Fleegel, Frontier Ag & Turf; Jeff Robinson, Greenville Turf & Tractor; Rick Henderson, Greenville Turf & Tractor; Garry Bodnar, Martin Deerline; Sherri Hill, Pacific Golf & Turf; Michael McNeil, Pacific Golf & Turf; Wesley Weyant, Pacific Golf & Turf; Larry Adcock, Revels Tractor; Andy Lutz, Revels Tractor; Blair Quin, Storr Tractor; Matt Gardner, Stotz Equipment; Andy Means, Stotz Equipment; Zach Moore, Stotz Equipment; Teddy Rosztoczy, Stotz Equipment; Nick Scovel, Stotz Equipment.

Wiedenmann North America, LLC is the North & South American distributor for Wiedenmann GmBH, a leading manufacturer of natural and turf maintenance equipment. Wiedenmann North America is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, USA. For additional information about Wiedenmann North America, please visit www.wiedenmannusa.com.