Move more snow with BRUTUS and RANGER winter accessories

Put Polaris BRUTUS and RANGER Commercial vehicles to work this winter with accessories and front attachments that tackle any snowfall with dependable power and added comfort, including full cab configurations and available all-season climate control.

Commercial-grade features make the do-all BRUTUS the most versatile and comfortable utility vehicle for almost any job. BRUTUS is equipped with diesel power, hydrostatic transmission with treadle pedal, all-season climate control, PTO mechanical-powered front attachments and more features to get the job done. New hydraulic and PTO winter accessories make this machine more productive than ever.

New BRUTUS V-Blade – Enhance the multi-season capabilities of the Polaris BRUTUS HDPTO with the all-new V-Blade. Designed specifically for commercial snow removal, the 60-inch V-Blade hydraulically adjusts to four positions including V, scoop and windrowing. Exclusive one-touch control quickly changes the angle of both wings, while fully integrated controls allow the operator to raise, lower and tilt without leaving the all-season, climate-controlled cab. Look for the new V-Blade, available this fall, at authorized Polaris Dealers.

New Power Deflector Control KitAn added attachment to the snow blower accessory, the power deflector control kit allows the operator to hydraulically control the chute angle adjustment from inside the cab, enabling precise snow throwing placement to avoiding directly hitting objects. Available fall 2016.

Snow Blade – The BRUTUS snow blade allows operators to angle the plow 30-degrees left or right without ever leaving the inside the cab.

Angle Broom – Remove snow from sidewalks and parking lots with the 70-inch angle broom. This accessory easily adjusts 25-degrees both left and right for precision snow removal.

Cargo Box Utility Spreader – Reduce wintertime slips and falls with the 10.6 cubic foot capacity salt and sand spreader. Adjust the spread diameter from the dash-mounted controller inside the cab to help prevent over-salting.

Polaris RANGER vehicles offer class leading towing and hauling capabilities. These tough machines confidently move equipment, tools and manpower without sacrificing comfort. Attachments create even more versatility. Snow blade options ranging from 60- to 72-inches help the RANGER make quick work of driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. RANGER snow blades start at just $219.99.

See how Polaris commercial utility vehicles can get the job in all seasons with a range of available attachments that are rugged, reliable, durable and versatile. Visit your authorized Polaris dealer or click on to learn more.