ABI launches ABI Force infield groomer

ABI (Absolute Attachments, Inc.) has launched the ABI Force, a revolutionary infield groomer that redefines safety and playability for baseball and softball infields. The ABI Force is a zero-turn, stand-up, self-propelled machine packed with purpose-built features designed specifically for infields. It is built to give operators the control necessary to prepare and maintain the safest and most playable infields possible. Here is a link to the ABI Force website and promotional video: http://www.abiattachments.com/infield-groomer/abi-force/

“Most infields today are maintained using bunker rakes that were transplanted from the golf course industry,” said Scott Holmes, President of ABI’s Sports Turf division. “These repurposed bunker rakes just drop and drag a nail board or mat and cannot properly adapt to different conditions. In addition, they only address the top ¼” of the infield skin and do not address inconsistent compaction under the surface making ground balls unpredictable and unsafe.”

At the heart of the Force’s innovation is its patented, mid-mount spring system that hydraulically provides downward force for multiple attachments to address different applications. “When the mid-mount spring system is combined with ABI’s patent-pending VibraFlex attachment, operators can apply the perfect amount of force to break up surface tension as deep or as shallow as an infield needs. This leaves a perfectly consistent ½” of playing surface with no surprises hidden underneath,” said Kevin Keigely, CEO of ABI.

With the Force’s patented profile blade attachment, operators can eliminate the need for roto-tilling and re-grading. The profile blades slice through the infield at a precise depth, de-compacting and aerating the ground without changing the grade. The infield can then be reset with the VibraFlex attachment and rigid dragmat and, in a couple of hours, completely change the way an infield plays.

The ABI Force is also fully laser-compatible and can be configured with a complete patent-pending laser system. The ABI Force laser system can perfectly establish and maintain a field’s fair play, playability, drainage, and finish, allowing you to play more often with a higher level of care than ever before.

More information about the ABI Force is available at www.abiforceinfield.com and by calling to speak to a product specialist at 877-788-7253.