CA approves grubGONE!

Phyllom BioProducts Corp. celebrates a California DPR approval for its novel grub control, grubGONE!. Now turf & lawn care pros and homeowners, concerned with unintended side effects, have a solution in grubGONE! that provides targeted, season long control of grubs in the season of application. What’s more, the grubGONE! label has no application restrictions when plants are blooming or bees are foraging. Lawn grubs are a growing problem in maintained turfgrass in parks, sports fields, golf courses and home lawns. Not only will the grubs gnaw on roots, killing the grass, but grubs attract skunks and raccoons which dig up even more turf searching for food. The optimal grub control targets only the pest and leaves other creatures unharmed. Contrast this approach with traditional chemistry which commonly controls the target along with many beneficial predators such as typhia wasps, predator nematodes, ants and other creatures of a healthy rootzone.

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