Billy Goat hydro aerator and hydro-drive overseeder

When doing standard renovating to improve turf health, the option to aerate and overseed with significantly less labor, fatigue and time is offered with Billy Goat’s pair of innovative hydro system machines. Combined 30” wide aeration and speed up to 4.3 mph, the AE1300H completes quarter-acre aerations in as little as 15 minutes (59% faster than 26” drum units). The unit creates 2 – 10x more holes than fixed drum models in a single pass, so patch repair and seedbed prep can be done in just one pass. Patent Pending FLEXTECH arms with flexible reciprocating action drive plug depths up to 2x that of drum units, even in dry conditions. In-ground steering provides unmatched maneuverability – no lifting to make turns – plus reverse aerating, both affording maximized productivity and minimized operator fatigue. The hydro-drive OS901 overseeder allows verticutting and overseeding all in one pass. The self-propelled hydro drive offers infinite speed control that eliminates pushing and fatigue. Exclusive 11-blade slicing reel floats along contours of turf increasing seed to soil contact and improves germination rates. Exclusive Auto Drop automatically starts / stops seed drop, conserving seed and preventing end-of-run seed piling. This recipe for these two units is to aerate and overseed afterward, resulting in cost-effective, less fatiguing, faster turf renovation.