Brock International files patent infringement lawsuit against NexxField

Brock International has filed a lawsuit asserting six United States Patents on turf underlayment systems against Nexxfield, Inc., based on Nexxfield’s NexxPAD shock pad for artificial turf. Brock has commercialized the patents in its successful Performance Base F Series, PowerBase Pro and PowerBase YSR products.

A United States Patent gives its owner the right to prevent the unauthorized manufacture, use, offer for sale, sale and importation of the patented inventions in the United States. Civil Action was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago claims Brock has not authorized Nexxfield or its affiliates or customers to manufacture, use, offer for sale, sell or import the shock pad designs, such as the NexxPAD, that are covered by Brock’s patents.

Dan Sawyer, Founder and CEO of Brock International, commented on the lawsuit: “As part of Brock’s substantial investment in developing products that have proven to vastly improve the quality of artificial playing surfaces, we have been awarded several patents related to our PowerBase and PowerBase YSR product lines. We prefer to avoid the legal approach, however, we do not hesitate to enforce our patents when we feel forced to do so.”

Polypropylene is a durable, high performance material when properly engineered for use as a shock pad under artificial turf. The use of shock pads under artificial turf has more than doubled in the past several years as clients understand the long-term safety benefits for the players. Brock’s patented Performance Base F Series, Powerbase Pro and PowerBase YSR products have set the standard for safety and performance, along with warranties and guarantees unmatched in the industry. Extensive, real world testing on hundreds of fields has proven artificial turf with a Brock shock pad significantly reduces GMax, maintains field stiffness under foot and improves Critical Fall Height to levels that mimic pristine natural turf, the ultimate goal of any artificial turf surface.