Jacobsen launches new HR series of wide-area rotaries

Jacobsen announced the launch of the all-new HR800 16-foot-wide rotary mower. The Jacobsen HR800 weighs nearly 2,000 pounds less than its direct competitor and can mow 20+ plus acres per hour, making it the best choice for sports fields, parks and green spaces, schools, sports fields, airports, commercial grounds and golf courses.

“What really sets the HR800 apart from its direct competitor are its light weight and an incredibly efficient use of power,” said Ben Bruce, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “By utilizing a compact chassis design and high strength, high performance steel, there is simply less mass to move around, thus requiring less fuel, hydraulic capacity and power.”

“With the industry’s lightest in-class weight powered by a rugged and reliable 74.3 hp Kubota engine, the HR800 sets a new efficiency and power-to-weight ratio standard,” said Bruce. “That efficiency provides a massive cutting capacity of 100+ acres per day – making the HR800 the ideal mower for customers who want to spend less time, labor and fuel maintaining large areas of grass.”

The HR800 is the second mower in a new series of wide-area rotary mowers from Jacobsen. In February, Jacobsen introduced the HR700, the world’s first and only 14-foot-wide rotary mower. The series is built on a common narrow platform that easily navigates through gates and onto transport trailers. The HR800 is almost two feet narrower than its direct competitor.

Jacobsen understands the importance of operator safety, which is one of reasons the new HR800 comes standard with exclusive Tilt Sensor Technology (TST). This advanced safety feature automatically monitors and adjusts mower decks to prevent rollovers in hilly conditions.

“The whole HR series is centered around the operator experience and nothing is more important than operator safety,” said Bruce. “Any company or organization that is concerned with the safety of its operators will appreciate the HR Series’ Tilt Sensor Technology,” said Bruce.

The superior operator experience extends to the HR800’s optional cab, which was designed to integrate seamlessly into the traction unit. The comfortable and ergonomic cabin provides reduced noise, vibration and is outfitted with air conditioning and heat, fan, ventilation windows, heated windshield, and a premium air suspension seat.

New SureStrength decks constructed with high-strength, high-performance steel deliver greater durability in a lighter, more robust design. Q AMP variable rate steering provides optimal response to operator input to mow effortlessly around obstacles. In addition, a new AdaptiCut system automatically adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent cut performance, even through the thickest grass.

Users will also find the HR800 is very easy to maintain and operate. Individual hydraulic deck motors with self-lubricating integral bearings deliver cutting power to each blade and require no daily maintenance. The HR800 boasts nearly half the daily grease points of its direct competitor.

“We’ve launched a mower that can cut 20+ acres per hour and literally weighs nearly a ton less than its direct competitor and is narrow enough to fit on a standard transport trailer,” said David Withers, President & CEO of Jacobsen. “The HR800 provides a distinct advantage to anyone maintaining large areas of grass. We’ve already seen great demand for the HR700 and we fully expect that to continue with the release of the HR800.”