STMA Environmental Facility Certification program officially launches

STMA is officially launching its Environmental Facility Certification Program, and we invite you to participate. There is no cost to complete the assessment.

It was developed to help document the environmental stewardship of STMA members and is awarded to the facility. The program involves an electronic assessment, which you can take here, from any computer or smart device. Be sure to read the instructions first.

After you have completed the assessment, STMA will score it. If you have achieved 80 percent compliance on each of the 10 sections, you will be notified that you passed. The next step is to engage an attester who can do a walk-through of the facility with you to validate your environmental practices. STMA will provide an electronic assessment form to the attester. If the attester verifies your practices, the facility will be designated an STMA Certified Facility for Environmentally Responsible Management. You can choose recognition for your facility through a plaque or a banner. A $100 fee will be charged once your facility achieves certification, which includes the recognition materials.

If you do not achieve the 80 percent passing score, you have one year to re-assess the sections that you did not pass. Certification is valid for three years; after that the process will need to be repeated. If a sports turf manager leaves a facility, the facility still maintains its certification until the end of the three-year period.

Please call STMA Headquarters with questions, 800-323-3875. Good luck!

Thank you!
Sports Turf Managers Association