New GreenKeeper web-app free from UNL

The Turf Program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln is excited to announce the release of our new turfgrass management web-app, GreenKeeper. This website is designed to help professional turfgrass managers keep track of their applications. It is a free service available to managers around the world and we encourage you to try it. Register at

Selected Features

  • Automatic sprayer math and mixing instructions
  • Automatically track PGR GDDs for different areas
  • Add custom products that aren’t in the public database
  • Crowdsource pest reports
  • Product efficacy and weather logs
  • Ability to add multiple users
  • Integration with Twitter

We are working to continue to improve the user experience. We have a list of changes that our developer is currently working on. Some changes include; fertilizer calculation integration, dates of applications on the home page, annual application reports, and increased weather data displays.

The crowdsourced pest maps are also a great way to see what pests are active. For example, we see that people are applying products to control annual bluegrass seed heads in the transition zone right now. Those applications are trending farther north each day. It will be great to see when other pest outbreaks are occurring. Users can also opt out of those reports.

Please try GreenKeeper this growing season. We have put years into the development and hope it helps improve the efficiency of your turfgrass management program.

Bill Kreuser, Assistant Professor, Extension Turfgrass Specialist,