Xtreme Grass hybrid turf enters US market

The latest reinforced natural turf system has entered the US market, to offer up to 30% more playing hours compared to natural grass alone.

The system, called Xtreme Grass, will reinforce full field installations or high wear zones, such as soccer goalmouths or center field playing areas. It can be used for soccer, American football, baseball, rugby, golf and other sport applications to enhance the aesthetics and durability of the natural turf.

“With Xtreme Grass, you’re reinforcing sports performance with the durability of synthetic turf. It’s an effective solution for professional turf managers to incorporate easily into a new or existing natural grass field,” said John Baize, owner of Act Global, manufacturer of Xtreme Grass. “It’s a great system to extend the playing hours or season, and it keeps your field green year round.”

Xtreme Grass features synthetic grass fibers attached to a strong, open weave backing. It is simple to install using typical natural pitch construction methods, and can actually improve the growth phase of the natural turf. The system creates a micro-climate that facilitates quicker germination, better root development, and thicker ground cover.

Xtreme Grass can also enhance sports performance by promoting stronger natural growth and a more uniform playing surface. When compared to unreinforced natural grass, Xtreme Grass performed better in shearing and tearing resistance tests. This means that when the players foot a field, their feet will not tear into the natural grasses as severely.

Baize said that Act Global has worked with leading agronomy research universities and testing labs to validate Xtreme Grass’ impact on natural growth, durability and sport performance.

Maintenance and repairs with Xtreme Grass are simple and effective. Typical natural grass maintenance can be carried out by a field manager on the system, including aeration, de-thatching, scarification and mowing. For repairs, Xtreme Grass can be grown off site and quickly integrated into the look and performance of the field. No additional expensive or large machinery is needed at the job site. The system is designed to be 100% recyclable at end of life.