New blade brings finesse to fine turf

The success of “KORO-ing” has been enhanced over the years with the introduction of new specialized rotors. First came the Universe rotor, allowing Universe fraze mowing to be carried out, followed by the Terraplane. Now in 2015 another major change has taken place. A new range of blades called Universe Finesse to be used with the Universe rotor has been launched and will take fraze mowing to a new level.

Richard Campey explains the significance of the change. “We have some of the greatest pitch renovation techniques in the world in the UK. Many of our grounds professionals have already adopted these tried and proven methods. Now we are looking at the detail, the daily routine maintenance and essentially preventing small problem areas becoming major headaches.”

He continues, “We have developed new
blades called the Universe Finesse which will essentially let you “Universe Finesse mow” as part of your regular maintenance programme for turf health and hygiene.”

Results of research and testing on different sports turf and grasses, show turf recovery times vary depending on many factors specific to the individual surface. This could be down to usage, maintenance programme, and type of grass or climatic conditions.

To address these variations the Universe Finesse is available in several different thicknesses. 3/16″ and 5/16″ have been identified as the most effective options for producing a more refined finish on all types of surface conditions.

These can be fitted to the Universe rotor
in a variety of configurations to allow the groundsman/greenkeeper to use the KORO FTM for different working practices from surface verti-cutting to deep linear aeration/scarification up to 1″ deep, whilst maintaining single pass surface hygiene.

A professional turf manager will be able to
treat specific areas of turf and remove organic matter under very controlled conditions using
a combination of alternate rotor spirals, cutting heights and spacings from 9/16″, 11/16″, 1 3/8″ and 1 7/16″.

In addition the working depth of the rotors can be set with infinite precision and all the blades can be used on natural turf, for both cool and warm season grasses, and hybrid surfaces.