Hunter and Ewing introduce sprinkler recycling program

Hunter Industries and Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply are testing a new sprinkler recycling program in California and Texas.

When sprinklers are removed and replaced, they typically end up in the trash, but Hunter and Ewing have partnered to give new life to old sprinklers and keep them out of landfills.

This recycling program is being offered at select Ewing locations through March 31, 2016 with hopes to expand it in the future.

Most Ewing stores in Texas and California now have collection bins for used Hunter sprinklers.

All plastic Hunter rotors and spray head sprinklers will be collected, except for those with stainless steel sleeves. Reusable materials from the collected sprinklers will be reclaimed and used by Hunter to manufacture new products.

In order to save water, more people in California, Texas, and throughout the U.S. are upgrading their sprinklers to more water efficient models.

“By recycling sprinklers, Ewing, Hunter, and our customers can help reduce waste and create a more sustainable irrigation industry,” said Warren Gorowitz, Ewing Vice President of Sustainability.

This program adds to Hunter’s long-standing commitment to reducing it’s environmental footprint.

“The sprinkler recycling program is exciting because it requires a combined effort across our industry to do the right thing, from improving the environmental performance of our products to lessening our collective burden on landfills,” said Jeremy Handler, Manager of Corporate Sustainability at Hunter.

To recycle your Hunter sprinklers, check with a Ewing location in California or Texas for drop-off availability.