Floratine partners with Growing Innovations 
to develop sports turf products

Floratine Products Group announced a new partnership with Growing Innovations, LLC, to develop new products and services specifically for the sports turf industry. This collaboration combines Floratine’s product development and manufacturing capabilities with Growing Innovations’ expertise in grass maintenance to bring clients and distributors new and improved sports turf management programs.

Initial successes include the Ana-Lync Soil Analysis System for sports turf, which combines the standard acid extraction test with a water extraction/nutrient availability test, and Fight’s On, a recently launched soil-based product for improved cellular strength and stress and wear tolerance.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Growing Innovations,” said Floratine CEO Kevin Cavanaugh. “This partnership will give Floratine additional expertise in the unique challenges and maintenance requirements of sports turf, and will help us provide better service to turf managers around the world.”

Growing Innovations principal Jerad Minnick, will also be providing consulting and technical support to Floratine as a component of the partnership. “As someone who uses and stands by Floratine’s products, we look forward to combining talents and delivering better sports turf management products and programs than ever before,” Minnick said.

For more information about Floratine, visit www.floratine.com.