Will coated seed help with establishment in dry conditions?

Coated seed products contain seeds coated with a water-absorbing compound that has been shown to improve germination and studies have shown slight improvements in germination and time to 50% cover especially where water is limiting. That said the complete establishment over time is not often enhanced as once the coating departs if you are not continuing to provide moisture to the seedlings they are likely to fail if less than desirable conditions persist. Keep in mind you are purchasing mostly the coating when you purchase the product (since seed is sold by weight) and we seed by weight so seed rates might be lower than normal (studies have shown this can be successful as well). The ease of application has made many of these “seeds- in-a-jug” products popular with the homeowner and now many commercial providers sell coated seed. Look carefully at that the varieties provided in these coated seed products and be sure they are among the recommended varieties from our most recent species and variety publication.-from shortCUTTS, Dr. Frank Rossi’s blog