Underhill Novo 2-wire features hybrid system

The Underhill Novo 2Wire Converter is a practical new solution for expanding or renovating multi-wire irrigation systems. Compatible with all major controllers, Novo installs alongside the host multi-wire controller as part of a hybrid system and can manage up to 32 new two-wire stations.

In a hybrid plan the host controller continues to activate the original, multi-wire stations, while the Novo converter manages the newly added two-wire valves.

Hybrid systems with Novo converters have become increasingly popular on large residential and commercial landscapes that are undergoing renovations. A built environment, for example, may require the addition of new trees, lawns or low volume planting areas, along with new hardscape, such as parking lots and ramps. Rather than digging up the existing landscape to connect a multi-wire system, installers can now set up a compatible Novo hybrid system by connecting a single pair of properly-sized wires from the last existing multi-wire valve to new two-wire valves with decoders. No grounding or special wire is required.

For freeways or other linear sites, two-wire can provide longer wire runs at less expense than multi-wire systems. Additionally, two-wire troubleshooting is a quick procedure with a Novo system since it is less time-consuming to find and repair two troublesome wires rather than a bundle of broken field wires in a multi-wire set-up.