50 things you need to know about artificial grass

Synthetic Grass Warehouse (SGW) announces their release of the guide, “50 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Grass.” With synthetic grass becoming more prevalent and as more questions arise about this landscaping alternative, SGW is dedicated to bringing clarity to the general public about the artificial turf industry. The guidebook gives average consumers, businesses and environmentalists expert information on all things synthetic grass.

“Publishing this extensive guide for free to the general public is meant to address any question someone might have about synthetic grass,” said SGW Co-Owner Victor Lanfranco. “We are passionate about transparency and education concerning all aspects of synthetic grass products, addressing any and all misconceptions that exist while exposing the benefits and environmental factors of synthetic grass. Consider this document a comprehensive guide to understanding the artificial turf industry.”

After one year of thorough research coupled with more than a decade of business experience, SGW strives to create transparency and clarity throughout the synthetic grass industry with “50 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Grass.” The guide exposes critical topics concerning water conservation, along with environmental benefits of synthetic turf, turf terminology and how it’s manufactured. Additionally, the document contains detailed information and tips that will help consumers make insightful and informed decisions when considering artificial grass. The synthetic turf installation process is clearly laid out in the document for those who need precise information on the groundwork involved.

To view the “50 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Grass” guide, visit: http://bit.ly/1QrCNTW