John Marman named VP of sales and marketing for West Coast Turf

John Marman has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Anthony Pulizzano selected as the Southern California Sales Representative for West Coast Turf (WCT).

Marman has been with WCT for nearly 20 years, and originally started working hands on in the field shortly after graduating from UC Riverside with a degree in environmental sciences. He spent several years with WCT’s Nevada operation in Las Vegas, and until recently held the company’s regional sales manager position. Marman replaces WCT’s recently retired Vice President, Jeff Cole.

“We chose John for this position for several reasons. Obviously he had the experience with the company.   He has worked for us in several capacities, so he has a real understanding of the business and a grasp on what exactly it is that our customer needs. With his education in environmental sciences, he is always current on the cutting edge new water saving grasses, and can be the ‘go-to’ guy for our clients when it comes to that technology. He has good longstanding relationships in the industry, and is well liked by his peers. He was also mentored early on by one of the best in the business (the late Barry Mohon). We are excited to have John heading up our sales and marketing division. We know he will continue to be a leader,” said WCT’s President John Foster.

Pulizzano was a natural pick for WCT’s Southern California sales representative position. He is a familiar face at WCT, as he was formerly and inside customer service representative and dispatcher at their Scottsdale, Arizona farm. Pulizzano also was a groundskeeper for the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as a groundskeeper at University of California Berkley, and for the City of San Francisco Unified School District. Most recently he worked for the Oakland Athletics ground crew under Clay Wood.

“Anthony will handle all of our Southern California sports turf, golf course, and commercial accounts (along with Jim Davis in the Desert, and Tom Stafford in the Los Angeles area). His knowledge of turfgrass will also benefit our retail customers. He’ll also be out on the road helping to educate our customers about our water saving drought tolerant grasses, and introducing the native grasses which are extremely water friendly. West Coast Turf has always been water conscious with our hybrid bermudas, and has led the way on finding alternative water saving turfgrasses. Anthony has an understanding of these grasses, and will be able to get the word out that there are ways to have a lawn or field and be water savvy. He is a welcome addition back to our West Coast Turf family,” Foster said.