New products from Macro-Sorb Technologies and SMS Additive Solutions

Three new products that help managers defend their turf against specific management challenges are being introduced from Macro-Sorb Technologies LLC, provider of professional-grade amino acid products for the turf management industry.

In addition, a new product designed to combat soil bicarbonate issues will be available from its sister company, SMS Additive Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of innovative soil surfactants, spray adjuvants and tank-mix additives.

Macro-PHITE is a double-action plant protection phosphite fertilizer formulated to increase resistance to biotic stress caused by pathogens and abiotic stress caused by adverse climatic conditions. It is root- and shoot-absorbed, highly mobile within the turf plant and enhanced with Macro-Sorb amino acids for superior product uptake.

Macro-SI pairs high-quality soluble silicon with Macro-Sorb’s advanced amino acid technology to promote rapid nutrient uptake and utilization. The proprietary formulation in Macro-SI delivers readily available silicon activated with a complex of specific amino acids.

Two more products, SMS Bye-Carb and Macro-RELIEF, offer a two-pronged approach to addressing salinity and bicarbonate issues:

Macro-RELIEF Salt Stress Reliever increases stress tolerance of turfgrass caused by high salinity levels in the soil and/or irrigation. Macro-RELIEF works by providing plant available calcium along with Macro-Sorb L-amino acids to regulate osmotic potential within the plant, resulting in increased cell hydration.

SMS Bye-CARB is specifically designed to combat the challenging growing conditions caused by high levels of soil bicarbonates. Formulated with SMS technology, Bye-Carb efficiently degrades bicarbonates across a wide range of soil conditions.

“The Macro-Sorb and SMS Additive Solutions DEFEND line is designed to provide new tools to combat specific turf management challenges,” said Michael Kubinec, vice president for Macro-Sorb and SMS Additive Solutions. “These products fit seamlessly into our established Macro-Sorb and SMS management programs. Used together, they enhance and defend turf, decreasing the turfgrass plant’s vulnerability to environmental stresses and threats to plant health.”

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