Grigg Bros add turf colorant product

Grigg Brothers had added SPAINT, a paint turf colorant, to its colorant portfolio including pigments GreenPIG and GreenPIG Ultra.
SPAINT effectively provides a natural green color to any sports turf surface, is durable and long lasting, and designed for use on all turfgrasses. Custom engineered with an eco-friendly binder, SPAINT is ideal for high impact sports fields because it dries fast and stands up to traffic. Turf managers have the flexibility to apply SPAINT to actively growing, semi – or dormant turfgrass. When used correctly SPAINT will allow sport turf managers the ability to conserve valuable resources such as water, fertilizers, and seed.
One gallon of SPAINT can treat up to 12,000 square feet and can be used as a standalone product or mixed with foliar fertilizer, PGR’s, and/or crop protectants. Please contact your local Grigg Brothers representative for more information.