Gary’s Green Ultra, a foliar product from Grigg Brothers

Grigg Brothers now has available a new and improved formulation for one of its flagship products: Gary’s Green Ultra 13-2*-3 + 1.4% Fe, 0.2% Mn, 0.2% Zn, 0.12% Cu.

The enhanced formulation uses the same basic organic chelation technology built for efficiency, quality, performance, and compatibility, and has been fortified with additional seaplant extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) for enhanced turfgrass stress tolerance and magnesium (Mg – 0.5%) to improve plant nutrient status and color.

Gary’s Green Ultra represents an advanced combination of current products Gary’s Green and Ultraplex, it is designed for use in all seasons, and contains exclusive Elicitor technology, an non-ionic surfactant, and buffering agent. Gary’s Green Ultra should be an integral component to any spoon feeding nutrient program – providing essentially six products in one without the need for mixing, and offers the most efficient nutrient formulation available to turf managers.
*Available without P2O5.