Updated Novo 2Wire converter now available

The Novo 2Wire converter from Underhill is now available with built-in testing and programming features, along with improved diagnostics.

Novo Model W-NOV-2U has the ability to test and program field decoders and 8-station senders (used on sites with more than 32 stations). No additional wire harnesses are required. The user plugs in the connectors, slides the switch from “run” to “program,” and can test or program a decoder or sender as needed.

Model W-NOV-2U also has a new diagnostic feature that avoids repeated callbacks by clearing a displayed field fault to confirm it has been resolved. Versatile and easy to install, Novo is compatible with all major controllers. Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro, and other popular brands, can be converted to total two-wire or applied in a “hybrid” application using both two-wire and multi-wire systems.

The converter is a practical solution for irrigation installers who plan to utilize two-wire technology in new or retrofit installations. Novo installs alongside a host controller and handles up to 32 two-wire stations as a standard feature. It can manage up to 63 stations by using 8-station senders, if the host controller has the station output capability.    The host multi-wire controller continues to run all scheduling programs and “talks” to the new two-wire valves and decoders via the Novo converter. The device is especially useful in retrofit applications where it is more practical to add two-wire connections, rather than run new multi-wire to additional valves on large-estate residential, commercial sites, parks or sports fields.

Measuring just 6.3” high x 7.33” wide x 1.78” deep, Novo features a back-lit graphical display with easy step-by-step LightTouch buttons and built-in electrical diagnostics / fault finding. Novo high-impact plastic and stainless steel wall mount cabinets are also available.

2Wire installations require less labor and materials because the 24 VAC power and address signals are sent over the same pair of wires. The Novo can use existing or standard underground irrigation wire and requires grounding at the Novo only.

Underhill has more than 300,000 2wire decoders at work in the ground worldwide and has pioneered the use of this technology in the U.S.

For more information about Underhill’s Novo 2Wire Converter, visit the website at www.underhill.us or call 866.863.3744.