Canada Goose deterrent company Away With Geese has a new product: the Sports Cage. The Sports Cage protects the Sports Unit, a unit designed to avert theft in public spaces, from vandalism. The two together get rid of Canada Geese from any public area, while also averting theft and vandalism of the unit. All Away With Geese products feature a solar-powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights.

The Away With Geese Sports Cage completely protects the Sports Unit with 6 pounds of heavy-duty steel, in places where vandalism and theft are issues.The Sports Unit has been designed for safe and effective use in public areas, with an auger that securely twists into the ground to avert theft. The Sports Cage secures to the Sports Unit, so that the unit is both safe from theft and is protected from harm by the Sports Cage simultaneously. Like all Away With Geese units, they are maintenance free; once placed and secured, they require no upkeep and are guaranteed to rid the area of Canada Geese.

According to Tom Wells, President and Founder of Away With Geese, “We have always listened to our customers’ needs and then responded with additions to the product line. The Sports Unit and Cage are examples of that relationship. First people wanted a secure unit for public spaces and we designed and released the Sports Unit. Next, people wanted those public units protected from harm, in certain situations in which it would be a problem. We have listened to that and are happy to offer the Sports Cage as an answer.”

Away With Geese has an entire line of satisfaction guaranteed products which get rid of geese from every type of landscape, including ponds and lakes, private yards, public areas and parks, and flat rooftops. They offer free placement studies of properties and give individualized recommendations of which units, where they should be placed, and how many would needed for successful geese removal.

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