A new and exciting website www.campeyimants.com formed jointly between independent machinery supplier Campey Turf Care Systems and Dutch machinery manufacturer; Imants BV is now live.

Working together, Campey Turf Care Systems based in Macclesfield, UK and Imants BV, located in Reusel, Holland, have become a formidable team in the development and supply of equipment for sports turf renovation and maintenance to groundsmen and greenkeepers across the world.

Anyone who has a professional interest in sports turf maintenance will find this new website full of essential information on the latest products and techniques for achieving perfect sports turf playing surfaces.

Quality turf playing surfaces start from treating deep below the soil, tending to the layers that protect and nurture the seed as it takes root and grows, aerating and draining the surface as the sward develops, removing unwanted matter that could interfere with healthy development, brushing, clearing, mowing and marking out the grass.

Campey Imants have developed all the products to encourage healthy sports turf and leisure surfaces from the start to the finish and then to renovate and revitalise to the highest standards.

The new website will show you which products are best suited to your particular needs when tackling all aspects of turf maintenance. Machines such as the renowned Koro by Imants Field Top Maker – established as the foremost method of turf renovation, and the addition this year of the Universe® and the Terraplane® rotors, provide the complete system for total renovation.

The product range includes the formidable deep de-compactor the Imants ShockWave, simple but effective aerator the Imants Rotoknife, as well as other well-known products such as the Rotoblast and Rootpruner, Raycam Speedresser, harrows and dragmats. Other Koro by Imants products include the TopDrain, Cultirolls and a Recycling Dresser that has recently come into its own as an environmentally friendly alternative to common top-dressing practices.

Sports turf managers and soccer groundsmen will also know it’s not just about below the soil and the turf, it’s also about aesthetics. Particularly popular in the United States is the Raycam LM3010 liquid transfer Line Marker – a simple and easy way to apply painted boundary lines and markings to turf. It has been successfully used in the States for the Philadelphia Union Soccer PPL Park stadium and the New York Mets, professional baseball team at its Citi Field stadium in Queens.

So whatever your turf requires to achieve excellent playing conditions, this new website holds the key in perfecting play.

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