Previous winners of this award include Apple's iPhone, GM's Crash Avoidance System, Microsoft's Surface + Windows 8 tablet and the Nintendo Wii.

Cub Cadet wins Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

Cub Cadet announced that its RZT S ZERO, the world’s first and only fully electric-powered zero-turn riding mower with steering wheel control and four wheel steering, has received the coveted Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics, a Hearst publication devoted to science and technology. The award is given annually to the top ten people and products that “represent the highest standard in innovation and execution.” Previous winners of this award include Apple’s iPhone, GM’s Crash Avoidance System, Microsoft’s Surface + Windows 8 tablet and the Nintendo Wii.

The RZT S ZERO is an extension of the proven, award-winning Cub Cadet RZT S line of zero-turn riding mowers, which revolutionized the mowing experience by delivering superior results and unmatched maneuverability. It is the first zero-turn riding mower to offer four-wheel steering controlled by an operator-friendly steering wheel.   But it’s also what you don’t get that’s breakthrough:  zero engine noise, zero emissions, zero gasoline and oil, zero belts and filters, and zero cumbersome lap bars. 

“Winning the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award validates our passion for forward-thinking innovation,” said Jeff Salamon, the company’s director of marketing. “The spirit of American Ingenuity, that’s so central to who we are, is showcased in the ZERO’s power, flexibility, efficiency, and user-friendly features.  We’re jazzed by the consumer feedback and honored by the prestigious recognition from a publication of this caliber.” 

In selecting the candidates and winners of the 2013 Breakthrough Awards, the editors of Popular Mechanics canvassed a wide range of experts, including dozens of past Breakthrough Award winners, in fields ranging from aerospace and robotics to medicine and energy. PM editors tested hundreds of products in a wide range of categories throughout the year to arrive at the true game-changers for the Breakthrough product awards. Cub Cadet will receive the award at an invitation-only conference and gala ceremony at Hearst Tower in New York City on October 22. It will also be recognized in the November issue of Popular Mechanics available on newsstands on October 15.

“Each year’s recipients are awe-inspiring as they shape our future through life-changing ideas and innovative products,” said James B. Meigs, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics. “We are excited to recognize this year’s incredible list of visionaries and share their breakthroughs that not only capture the imagination, but improve and save lives as well.”

The all-new RZT S ZERO offers homeowners these smart benefits:

Convenience: With zero noise at start-up and amazingly quiet performance while cutting, the ZERO allows homeowners to mow any time, day or evening, without disturbing neighbors.
Stability:  The only electric zero-turn with four-wheel steering and steering wheel control – offering unmatched traction and stability on hills, allowing consumers to confidently mow on challenging terrain.
Power:  The ZERO’s advanced direct drive power management system provides plenty of dependable, consistent power for a full 60 minutes of continuous cutting with no power fade. Just plug the battery in overnight, and the ZERO is charged and ready to go the next day.
Straighter Lines:  Four-wheel steering allows for effortless straight-line tracking . . . better than any other zero-turn out there.
No Turfing:  Synchro Steer® technology controls the front wheels and automatically regulates the speed at the start of the turn, eliminating “sideways tire drag” and removing the risk of annoying lawn divots.
Results:  An advanced cutting deck designed with optimum airflow and blade overlap delivers the beautiful results of the Cub Cadet Signature Cut.
Comfort:  Features like cruise control, high-back adjustable Cub Comfort™ seat and SmartJet Deck Wash add to the exceptional experience of owning and operating a ZERO. The noise reduction of being electric-powered provides a more enjoyable and relaxing lawn-mowing experience.

The RZT S ZERO is currently available in select markets and will be expanded into new markets for Spring 2014.