Hunter announces I-Core 3.0 with built-in solar sync compatibility

Hunter Industries announced a major enhancement to the popular I-Core advanced irrigation controller, with the release of its 3.0 operating system. The controller now has built-in compatibility with the Hunter Solar-Sync climate sensor, allowing automatic self-adjustment for changing weather conditions.

The new version of the I-Core controller features a Solar Sync dial position, and allows all sensor setup functions from the main control panel. The controller also permits a Solar Sync Delay feature, allowing the installer to specify a number of days before the controller switches to automatic adjustment mode.

Version 3 I-Core controllers need only add a Solar Sync Sensor, or the increasingly popular wireless version of the sensor, to take full advantage of automated water saving technology. Each of the controller’s 4 irrigation programs may be set to use the weather adjustment, or to run individually without automatic adjustment for special applications. The climate sensor also adds the ability for automatic rain and freeze shutdowns of irrigation.

“The Solar Sync Delay feature is especially nice for installers,” said Hunter product manager, Dave Shoup. “It allows them to set an establishment program for new plantings that will run for a couple of weeks, then switch over to weather adjustment automatically, without driving back across town.” The Solar Sync Delay may be set for up to 99 days, and the operator can set the percentage to use during the delay interval.

I-Core 3.0 did not increase in price. Moreover, it eliminates the need for the additional Solar Sync module, since it only requires the sensor itself. “This allows a more cost effective, easily installed, and understandable way to implement smart irrigation,” said Shoup. “In a product aimed at high-end residential and commercial systems, this only benefits everyone.” Shoup added that the I-Core/Solar Sync combination had performed admirably in Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) tests.

I-Core version 3.0 is available from inventory now, in configurations ranging from plastic and metal wall mounts to plastic and stainless steel pedestals, and also available as a 48-station two-wire decoder configuration. The wired SOLARSYNCSEN and wireless WSS are all that are required to implement smart watering adjustment with the controller.