Dismiss CA turf herbicide now registered in California and Arizona

FMC Professional Solutions recently announced that Dismiss CA Turf herbicide is now registered for use in California and Arizona. Turf professionals in both states can apply the product for fast, visible control of sedges like yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedge and green kyllinga, as well as a significant reduction in new sedge populations.

Dismiss CA may be used on turf sites including residential and institutional lawns, athletic fields, and golf course fairways and roughs. The product is labeled for use on both cool- and warm-season turf, including creeping bentgrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, kikuyugrass, zoysiagrass and bermudagrass. It can not be used on commercial sod farms or on nursery or landscape beds.

“While most sedge products take weeks to show visible signs of control, Dismiss CA delivers results you can see in only 24 to 48 hours after treatment,” said Adam Manwarren, Herbicide Brand Marketing Manager for FMC. “Dismiss CA often provides total control in about a week and will control purple nutsedge in two applications.”

Dismiss CA Turf herbicide attacks weeds on the surface through foliar contact, but also works through root uptake to control sedge tubers underground.

The product is available in a convenient, 6-ounce bottle with a dosing chamber. Each bottle treats approximately one acre.