Wiedenmann sweeper/blowers

Every day sports field managers face challenges with keeping the turf that they manage clean, whether it is natural or artificial turf. Not only do environmental conditions such as leaves, dirt, and dust contribute to these conditions, but debris is also brought on the field by occupants either on purpose and unintentionally. For instance, rocks may be inadvertently brought on the field from the shoes of the players. Other debris such as sunflower seeds, paper products, medical tape, etc. are discarded on the field by the players. 

To aid in the clean-up process, there are some new machines on the market that help with this clean-up process. The new Super 600 high dump is a heavy-duty sweeper/verticutter/flail mower collection system by Wiedenmann which is much like the Super 500; however, it has an increased hopper capacity of approximately 80%. The multi-purpose head allows for sweeping, verticutting, and flail mowing while collecting clippings into a 5.9 cubic yard hopper with a high dump reach up to 83”. In addition, the Super 600 works extremely well as a core pulverizer.  Also the multi-purpose head allows for sweeping without changing the implements. Another feature is the enviro-friendly chute, which guides the dust towards the ground, thereby reducing dust to the operator and the surrounding environment.

Another new product to aid in the clean-up process is the Mega Twister blower, which has approximately 14,500 CFMs and can swivels 270⁰ on the ground.

A third new product for sweeping artificial turf is the new Terra Clean 100 ground driven sweeper. The rotary brush of the Terra Clean 100 brings debris and some crumb rubber or infill onto a vibrating screen that separates the debris from the crumb rubber.  The crumb rubber is redistributed back onto the field.  The debris (rocks, jewelry, sunflower seeds, metal objects, etc.) is collected in an easily removable hopper.  This machine can be used either indoors or outdoors with just about any type of tow vehicle.

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