Jacobsen launches TrueSet cutting unit

Jacobsen has announced the launch of the TrueSet cutting unit, a new product that will make Jacobsen mowers even faster and easier to adjust.

“Technicians are under more pressure than ever to get more done in less time,” said Chris Fox, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “The idea behind the TrueSet cutting unit is to give technicians more time to work on other equipment and projects.”

“We were very careful not to tinker with any of the geometry, design or construction that made Jacobsen the leader in quality-of-cut for over 90 years,” said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. “TrueSet provides the same legendary quality-of-cut superintendents have come to expect from Jacobsen while also giving technicians extra time.”

The bulk of the time savings provided by Jacobsen’s TrueSet cutting unit comes from an innovative bedknife-to-reel adjustment. Technicians fine tune the TrueSet bedknife-to-reel adjustment at two points with a gear that moves the bedbar one thousandth of an inch with an audible click.

“When the technician hears that click, he knows exactly how far his bedknife has moved,” said Fox. “This takes the guesswork out of bedknife-to-reel adjustment and shaves precious minutes from their daily maintenance routines. We estimate a typical course could save two full days a month in time with the TrueSet cutting unit on all its mowers.”

Further adding to TrueSet’s ease-of-use, the adjustment is made from the top and front of the cutting unit with a 1/2” wrench, the same tool used for height-of-cut adjustment. This makes the new cutting unit much easier to reach and reduces the number of tools needed to make adjustments.

The company was also sure to maintain its industry-leading holding power, which equates to 425-lbs. of force holding the bedknife in place.

“When it comes to the bedknife-to-reel adjustment, technicians want to ‘set it and forget it’,” says Fox. “TrueSet’s 425-lbs. of holding power assures technicians and superintendents that they are getting a clean, consistent Jacobsen cut each and every time.”

The TrueSet cutting unit will begin shipping on the following 5-inch reel products this winter: ECLIPSE2 walking greens mowers (floating head), Greens King IV, GP400 and ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mowers, and the LF550 and SLF-1880 fairway mowers.