New enclosures for Sapien two-wire controllers

Sapien, the industry’s first dedicated two-wire controller with 63 stations, now features a new line of customized enclosures that protect the system from weather elements, vandalism and pests. The enclosures are available in heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel as wall mounts or pedestal-style.

Sapien two-wire controllers were recently introduced by Underhill International, which pioneered the use of simplified, easy-to-install two-wire systems for residential and commercial sites. No special wiring or field grounding is required with Underhill’s 2Wire products.

The plastic wall mount cabinet has a strong, lockable front entry door and measures 11.5” high x 9.25” wide x 5.5” deep. Mounting plate and hardware are included.

Heavy-duty stainless steel options include a front entry cabinet with integral lock and key. The cabinet measures 15.25” high x 12.75” wide x 4.75” deep and includes controller / transformer mounting hardware.

Underhill’s stainless steel top-entry pedestal version stands up to vandals and all harsh environments. It is factory assembled and includes removable front door for easy controller installation and access to other components. The pedestal measures 39” high x 16.5” wide x 17.5” deep.

Using a Sapien controller, contractors can install an entire landscape irrigation system with just two wires (power and signal) running from the controller to decoder/receivers in each valve. The decoders respond to “on-off commands” from the controller.

Known as a decoder-based controller, Sapien also uses the same valve decoders that are installed in a Hunter ICC two-wire system and in Underhill’s Universal 2Wire modules.

The Sapien is designed for flexibility and works in a range of applications: new irrigation systems; multi-wire conversions; or two-wire (or multi-wire) expansions.

With an easy-to-read backlit display, Sapien’s features an exclusive LightTouch™ screen that prompts the user through the set-up with buttons that light up sequentially.

Sapien offers ABCD and manual programs, seasonal adjust by percentage and 12 start times per day. It is radio-control ready and rain/wind/frost sensor compatible. The controller measures just 6.3” high x 7.33 “ wide x 1.78” deep.

Two-wire systems are typically more cost effective than multi-wire because they require only two wire runs, saving installation time and materials.

Underhill has more than 150,000 decoders at work in the ground worldwide and has expanded two-wire use in the U.S. The technology has been popular in Europe for decades for residential and large commercial installations, including sports fields, parks and public areas.