New synthetic turf restoration and repair company

After years of use, the 2011 Division II National Champions at Pittsburg State, Kansas, are getting a new field. Xtreme Turf Makeover, a full-service synthetic turf restoration and repair company, recently completed infill extraction, cleaning, and turf removal to get the stadium ready for the new turf.

The wear and tear on the decade-old field had started to show. Uneven infill, a hardened surface, faded end zones and torn seams were signs the field was ready for replacement.

Xtreme Turf Makeover began by extracting the field’s infill to enter the patent pending Xtreme Clean process. The Xtreme Cleaning machine separates the rubber from sand and removes all dust, dirt and sediment. The cleaned infill was staged for reuse in the new field, which will have synthetic turf supplied by Mondo and installed by Kiefer Specialty Flooring.

According to Ed Huggins, vice president of Xtreme Turf Makeover, Xtreme Cleaning can leave infill as clean as the original material and meets all industry standards. Xtreme Turf Makeover is the only company that offers this patent pending process.

Next, the company carefully removed the old turf by cutting it into strips and rolling it up, paying attention not to damage the base. Huggins said that common industry practice is to quickly remove and dispose of the turf to a dumpster or landfill, without considering cost or environmental implications. With Xtreme Turf Makeover the infill and turf are always reused or recycled—nothing goes to the landfill.

“Our process is very environmentally friendly,” said Huggins. “We find alternate uses for the old turf. The rubber is all recycled tire, and we are cleaning and reusing it to keep it out of landfills.”

The field is expected to be fully installed in time for the start of fall sports season.

Xtreme Turf Makeover