Steiner introduces new 440 4×4 tractor

The new Steiner 440 Tractor is designed to deliver with focused aggression. Start with a power delivery system able to harness the energy of an assortment of high horsepower engines (32, 34 or 40HP gas or 24.9 HP diesel), add a truly amazing hydraulic system that provides fearless capability, and you’ve just scratched the surface of the new Steiner 440.

Every feature is Steiner sized in the new 440. From the 440’s non-permeable all-steel fuel tank and oversized filler neck with tethered fuel cap (EPA Approved) and 200-Watt halogen quartz front headlights to its 1500 psi of lift pressure, Eaton Series hydraulic pump and transmission, Peerless 2600 dual range transaxles, generous 5 gallon capacity hydraulic oil reservoir, large 12 volt 525 CCA (cold crank amp) battery (630 CCA on the diesel), 7” seat slides for the perfect fit, an all-new operator panel design that puts control at your fingertips, and a folding ROPS standard, the new 440 has features that exceed the norm.

True to its roots, the go anywhere and do anything 440 utilizes 4-wheel drive and all-wheel traction to tackle any terrain and articulating power steering with an oscillating frame to maintain the brands unique compact footprint and agility. Switching attachments is still a snap with Steiner’s simple (no tool) front Steiner Quick-Hitch™ system. These core traits have made Steiner tractors famous with grounds care professionals, snow management crews and hobby farmers world-wide for over 30 years. So impressive is the new 440, upon the 440’s preview to dealers this past winter, Edgar Huggins and his son Greg of Mullins Truck & Tractor in Mullins, SC pre-ordered three units right on-the-spot to be the first dealer to have them in stock. You can find the new 440 at Mullins and through Steiner dealers nationwide this spring.

Features of the New Steiner 440 Articulating 4WD Tractor:

EPA Compliant Fuel Delivery System
Four (4) Engine Options:

24.8 hp Kubota Diesel, Liquid-Cooled
32.4 hp Kubota Gas, Liquid-Cooled
34 hp Kohler Command Pro Gas, Air-Cooled
40 hp Kohler Command Pro Gas, Air-Cooled

(Engine power ratings provided by the manufacturer)

Three (3) Wheel Offerings (Bar, Turf and Field Trax Tread) with rugged five (5) Bolt 10” Rims
Foot Pedal Control Forward / Reverse Speed Control – Hand Control Optional
Heavy-Duty Peerless 2600 Dual Range Transaxles
Eaton Transmission & Hydraulic Pump – Lift pressure of 1500 psi for exceptional capability
Abundant 5 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Capacity – Reduces refilling and lowers hydraulic oil temperatures
Warner Mag Stop 225 (ft./lb.) Electric Front PTO Clutch
Large 12-volt 525 CCA Battery (630 CCA on Diesel engine model)
Optional Category 1  3-point hitch
Enhanced Attachment Drive / Belt Tensioning Design
Enhanced Comfort / Operation
Halogen Quartz Headlights (4, 50 watt each) – Provides 200 watts of lighting power
Folding ROPS Standard
2-Year Commercial / Consumer Warranty (engine warranted separately by manufacturer)The tractor that has challenged customers to “Do It” [all] for over 30 years, seems to have out done itself with numerous new features that enhance the brands reputation for seemingly endless capability. On top of the over two dozen attachments and accessories that the Steiner line of tractors can currently utilize, look for all-new attachments designed specifically for the 440 tractor in the near future.