The Grasshopper Company announced a new online tool designed to calculate fuel costs and impacts of commercial mowing equipment.

Grasshopper launches calculator tool for fuel expense, emissions, profitability

The Grasshopper Company – manufacturer of commercial zero-turn riding mowers – announces a new online tool designed to calculate fuel costs and impacts of commercial mowing equipment. With the mowing season in full swing and fuel prices averaging close to $4.00 per gallon nationwide, landscape contractors and maintenance supervisors are struggling to keep fuel expenses from eating into their budgets.

The Fuel and Emissions Calculator – available at – presents visitors with fuel costs and savings comparisons, greenhouse and smog-forming gas emissions per hour of mowing, and overall profitability comparisons for each of the three most popular fuel choices for commercial mowers: gasoline, propane and diesel.

The result is a robust tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of the impacts each fuel type has on budgets and the environment.

Ruthanne Stucky, executive vice president and marketing director, says Grasshopper developed the calculator since no tool of its kind existed to compare fuel expenses as well as to how to reduce fuel emissions for commercial mowers.

“Our industry is greatly influenced by fuel prices, so this calculator will be the essential tool for determining fuel costs,” Stucky says. “And, as stewards of the land, we also need to be aware of the environmental impact of our equipment. This new tool does both accurately and conveniently.”

Due to the volatile nature of fuel prices, the calculator is designed for individual customization which allows users to revisit the program and calculate new totals any time prices fluctuate.

Grasshopper is committed to helping landscaping professionals make informed decisions about fuel consumption and sustainable lawn care practices. To learn more visit