New topdresser available from TurfTime Equipment

TurfTime Equipment is adding the TT-1000 to its Advantage line of Top Dressers.  The 1 yd galvanized steel hopper can be heaped to 1.5 yd, or enhanced to 2.5 yd with optional 12 inch extension sides when spreading compost.  Made to work with your existing equipment this sturdy and agile topdresser is powered by tractor hydraulics, PTO, or 13 HP engine.  Remote controls adjust belt and spinners for up to 30 feet of coverage.  The Advantage TT-1000 is covered by TurfTime Equipment’s industry leading five year limited warranty.  The TT-1000 joins The full line of fast and efficient Advantage Top Dressers offering 1 to 7.5 yd capacity that allows managers to choose the right equipment to fit their facility’s needs and budget.  

TurfTime Equipment