New Kohler closed-loop EFI engine accepts all ethanol fuel blends

Kohler Engines introduced a closed-loop electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine with the flexibility to use all ethanol fuel blends, from E0 to E85. The new Kohler Command Pro EFI FlexFuel E85 engine offers end users an array of fueling options, which translates to significant savings at the pump. But the savings don’t end there, because Kohler’s exclusive closed-loop EFI  technology also provides performance in the field while delivering low overall operating costs.

“In the simplest terms, our new EFI FlexFuel E85 engine utilizes lower-cost fuels more efficiently,” said Mark Johansen for Kohler Engines. “The efficiency gains can be attributed primarily to our unique closed-loop EFI technology, which constantly monitors the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s muffler and automatically makes necessary adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system.”

Kohler EFI engines “close the loop” between the air/fuel intake and the exhaust output to provide a constant stream of critical feedback, which helps deliver optimal fuel efficiency and a variety of other benefits, including easier starting, improved power and increased lifespan.

In the new Command Pro EFI FlexFuel E85 engine, the company’s closed-loop technology automatically senses the ethanol mix in the engine – even if that includes many different grades – and optimizes performance accordingly. So, the end user has fewer worries about fuel type, fuel quality or ethanol content. The EFI FlexFuel E85 engine is designed to intuitively make performance enhancements, regardless of operating conditions.

“As an added benefit, many end users will be glad to know that our new Kohler EFI FlexFuel E85 engine can safely use E15 fuel,” Johansen continued. “Unfortunately, many lawn and landscape pros have run into performance issues when using E15 because of its corrosive properties. Then they go on to learn – after it’s too late – that most equipment manufacturers don’t cover damage caused by E15 fuel. Of course, our new EFI FlexFuel E85 engine can easily handle E15, while also providing security for all other fuel types up to E85.”