Redexim North America introduces Turf Stripper

Redexim North America, Inc. announced that it is introducing a new tool for turf managers, the Turf Stripper 2000.The Turf Stripper is a rugged, economical and efficient machine used to mow, level, dethatch, and renovate turf areas using a rotary action that removes material and deflects it onto a conveyor to be carried away. The Turf Stripper 2000 is equipped with custom blades that allow the machine to be highly productive, yet can be adjusted in small increments. An option verti-cut blade kit can be installed in place of the standard blades when the machine is to be used for verti-cutting fairways, sports-fields or common areas. The machine is also a highly effective method of harvesting sprigs when trying to introduce bermuda and other grasses to new areas.