Introducing the Mowbarrow wheelbarrow

Podges ENT LLC released their first of many products, the MOwBARROw®.  The Mowbarrow bracket allows its owner to attach their own wheelbarrow tub onto their own commercial 36” – 52” walk-behind lawnmower, creating the world’s most in-expensive motorized wheelbarrow.  The benefit’s this product can bring to any size lawn care or landscaping professional or business owner is simply staggering.  Crews get more done, faster, and expend less energy doing those hard jobs.  More productivity, happier employees, equals better business.  And don’t think it stops with transportation of materials. Some larger attachments available now include a ‘Snow Plow’ de-thacher and aerator. In manufacturing we have a salt spreader and solid and liquid fertilizer spreaders coming soon.

            The MOwBARROw is a bracket that attaches to the front casters, and rubber feet rest on the deck of a commercial 36” – 52” walk behind lawn mower.  Allowing its owner to attach a multitude of different tools, but namely a wheelbarrow tub to move and dump common landscaping materials.  The MOwBARROw is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible to install and use.  One of MOwBARROw’s greatest advantages is that the customer doesn’t need to buy the wheelbarrow tub if they already have wheelbarrows, they can simply use their own barrow and save even more money.  The Mowbarrow has been designed and manufactured to represent the utmost quality and durability; the customer should never need to replace their Mowbarrow.  Podges ENT LLC will replace any Mowbarrow deemed defective due to manufacturing.
“The Mowbarrow was born out of necessity, after being in the Green industry for fifteen years and owning my own lawn care and landscaping business for over a year I simply said, “I wish I had a motorized wheelbarrow” way too many times not to make it a reality.” – Jason W., president and owner of Podges ENT LLC

            The Mowbarrow is simple, in-expensive, and super durable.  This product can help make a lawn care business of any size more productive, more profitable, and a better business by which to be employed.  To purchase a Mowbarrow bracket there are currently two options;  For individual living in the “Kentuckiana” or Tri-State area please contact us directly using the contact information located at so we can avoid shipping costs.  The other option is to make your purchase online with a major credit card or a PayPal account by going to  But this option of course includes a flat rate shipping charge of $$$, we do not charge a handling fee of any kind.  The MOwBARROw bracket is an amazingly low $130.00.

Podges ENT LLC was started in February of 2009 with lawn care and landscaping contracts  in Louisville KY.  The owner Jason W. began working on prototypes for the Mowbarrow in early 2008 before the inception of Podges ENT LLC and has now focused all his attention and energy into the Mowbarrow project.  Podges ENT LLC is and will remain dedicated to helping the lawn care professional work “smarter and not harder”, by continuing to design and produce high quality products created simply to make the landscaper’s life easier and business more profitable.

For additional information, contact:
Jason Wohlgemuth
Podges ENT LLC