SquareOne, herbicide for newly seeded turf

A new “starter” herbicide providing post-emergent weed control without the wait, SquareOne™ herbicide is the latest customer-driven innovation from FMC Professional Solutions, a business unit of FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC). The new product has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on lawns, golf courses, sod farms, and athletic fields.

Unlike other products that are too harsh on newly seeded turf or require multiple applications, SquareOne herbicide can be applied just one day before seeding or as early as seven days after emergence on most cool and warm season grasses. This means weed populations are reduced from the start, allowing for maximum turf density with fewer herbicide applications or the need to reseed the following spring.

“Many herbicides have restrictions for use around seeding, typically seven to 30 days prior to seeding or 30 days or three mowings after emergence. SquareOne shortens this window significantly—allowing turf professionals to apply up to one day before seeding or as early as seven days after emergence,” said Adam Manwarren, FMC product manager for turf and ornamental products. “This means turf will grow in faster and healthier, and renovations have a better chance of success.”

Designed for newly seeded turf, including interseeding and overseeding, SquareOne is a patent-pending dispersible granule formulation that features a dual action, optimized combination of active ingredients that works primarily through foliar contact and uptake, but also continues to hold back weed competition until the new turf is established. The product mixes easily in water for use in sprayers. A non-ionic surfactant is recommended, but not required. It is labeled for crabgrass and many small broadleaf weeds, and can be used in both spring and fall turf projects on lawns, athletic fields, sod farms, and golf courses.

“SquareOne is remarkable because it offers early weed control that is gentle enough for new turf but powerful enough to control crabgrass and other small broadleaf weeds,” said Bobby Walls, Ph.D., product development manager for FMC. “The industry has been waiting for a product with this kind of flexibility and efficiency.”

SquareOne will be available from FMC authorized distributors as soon as state registrations are received.  Contact your local FMC sales representative for more information in your area. The product will be sold in a convenient, 1 acre package with measuring device that assists with proper measurement for small or large application turf renovation projects.

For more information about SquareOne herbicide, including availability, contact your local FMC sales representative or visit http://www.fmcprosolutions.com/LawnCare/Products/Herbicides/SquareOneHerbicide.aspx.

For up-to-the-minute information on FMC products, including label changes or the status of state registrations, visit http://www.fmcprosolutions.com/Home/LabelsMSDS.aspx.