Nutrients PLUS, LLC, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA has selected Eggleston Horticulture Services at Tanner's Creek Nursery as a vendor for packaging the company's fertilizers with natural ingredients.

Nutrients PLUS selects Eggleston Services as fertilizer packaging vendor

Nutrients PLUS, LLC, headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has selected Eggleston Horticulture Services at Tanner’s Creek Nursery as a vendor for packaging the company’s fertilizers with natural ingredients.  Eggleston Horticulture Services’ employees are labeling and boxing 10 lb bags of fertilizer, and the organization stores the product which is shipped to Nutrients PLUS customers throughout the United States and Canada.

“We are delighted to not only find such a well run organization in Hampton Roads for our packaging and storage needs,  but we are also proud to support employment  opportunities with work which helps to improve water quality and the environment,” said Nutrient PLUS’s president John Moriarty. “We have packaging vendors in strategic locations near our eight production plants, but we thought it was important to have one near our headquarters as well.”

According to Theresa Wheeler, general manager for Eggleston Horticulture Services, it’s a perfect fit and fills the gap for her employees between the seasonal work they do. The relationship between Nutrients PLUS and Eggleston began prior to this agreement but in the past, the packaging process was strictly for sale within Eggleston’s Garden Center at Tanner’s Creek Nursery.

“To know that our work is serving a much broader community of landscape professionals and lawn centers who want Nutrient PLUS’s fertilizers with organic matter is so exciting”, said Wheeler. “Our staff is so busy taking care of plants, working with employees, and paperwork, we don’t have much chance to get out in the community to find companies which could use our services. Nutrient PLUS came to us and have bent over backwards to accommodate for the unique needs for our rehabilitation facility. It’s just like family the way they come out and talk to our workers.”

The services are provided in Norfolk at the Tanners Creek Nursery. Tanners Creek Horticultural Services opened in 1999, and located next to the Virginia Zoological Park focuses on employment and training opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

About Nutrients PLUS


About Nutrients PLUS

Nutrients PLUS, based in Virginia Beach, VA, is unique to the fertilizer industry. The company developed the “NP Pathway to Solutions” system making it the largest recycler of natural incredients possessing valuable organic matter in blends with traditional fertilizers. The innovative system begins with a network of waste-to-fertilizer processing sites where nutrients and the organic matter are recycled and then supplied to Nutrients PLUS’s production locations for packaging or for combining with traditional nutrients sources, then packaged. The system, designed to harness qualities of these renewable resources cost effectively, also features a waste stream neutral approach leveraging the value of corn, soy and other agricultural feed ingredients for their agronomic and environmental benefits. EQ Biosolids and processed manures are at the foundation of the “NP Pathway to Solutions” as they are converted by the system to curtail the overuse of traditional chemical fertilizers and improve water quality. Nutrients PLUS’s fertilizer products formulated with natural ingredients are registered and sold in 40 states and Canada.


Nutrients PLUS is a long-term sponsor of ongoing research at Virginia Tech, is committed to product innovation and development, and serves as a consultant within the fertilizer industry to promote its mission: Lead self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and fertilizers formulated with natural ingredients.


Brand names and markets served include Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ Screamin’ Green® distributed to the consumer by retail lawn and garden dealers; Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ Pro sold to the direct segment of the landscape industry; Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ BioDiversity™ distributed to golf course markets and Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ 100 that are one-hundred percent natural such as Nutrients PLUS® 4-4-2 with 9% Ca listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI Listed®). 


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