From diesel to gas engines; transformable four-seaters; factory air-conditioned cabs; and hydraulic transmissions and dump beds, the Kubota RTV lineup offers solutions for everyone.

Kubota RTV utility vehicles built for versatility

Kubota Tractor Corporation offers a full line of hard-working utility vehicles to fit a variety of professional and lifestyle needs. Kubota’s utility vehicle lineup includes the workhorse RTV900; an all-weather, air-conditioned RTV1100; a transformable one-to-two-row RTV1140CPX; and the compact, gas-powered RTV500. All Kubota RTV models are built for reliability and durability to handle a range of tasks with ease, style and safety. Kubota’s utility vehicles are ideal for small- and large-property owners, contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Kubota entered the utility vehicle market in 2004 with the RTV900 and the resulting response and growth of our market has been tremendous,” says Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota. “Kubota owners are a diverse, work-focused group, and we have engineered our RTVs to meet their varying needs and interests. From diesel to gas engines; transformable four-seaters; factory air-conditioned cabs; and hydraulic transmissions and dump beds, the Kubota RTV lineup truly offers unique solutions for everyone.”

Power, Size, Safety and Unique Capabilities

With Kubota RTVs, operators encounter powerful machines with diverse capabilities in a variety of sizes:

Kubota RTV900 – Kubota’s RTV900 is equipped with a powerful and efficient Kubota 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled 21.6 horsepower diesel engine and exclusive new VHT Plus Kubota Hydrostatic 3- range transmission that features smoother dynamic braking and easier shifting. The RTV900 reaches top speeds of 25 mph.
Kubota RTV1100 – The RTV1100 offers the industry’s first factory-installed cab for all-weather protection and comfort. It comes standard with air conditioning and heater/defroster. The RTV1100 packs plenty of power with a three-cylinder, 24.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine that boasts a best-in-class 50.3 ft./lbs. of torque for all-around durability and drive. New in 2010, Kubota now equips all RTV1100 models with sliding glass windows in the doors.
Kubota RTV500 – In 2009, Kubota introduced the RTV500, a 15.8-horsepower utility vehicle that fits into the bed of a full-sized pickup truck – making it perfect for everything from hunting and camping to everyday work around the jobsite. The RTV500 is Kubota’s first gas-powered utility vehicle.
Kubota RTV1140CPX – The new RTV1140CPX is the latest addition to Kubota’s popular
four-wheel drive, utility vehicle line-up. It features an innovative new transformation system that quickly converts from one- to two- row seating options. Powered by a 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 24.8-horsepower, the RTV1140CPX allows the operator to choose between additional passenger capacity or best-in-class, 18.4 cubic-ft. cargo space, depending on the task at hand.

All Kubota RTV models feature Kubota’s rugged Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT Plus).  Unlike belt-driven Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) featured on most competitive vehicles, these tractor-proven hydrostatic transmissions are built to handle the heavy loads and high-torque applications that Kubota enthusiasts enjoy tackling with their utility vehicles.

Comfort and Safety Are Top Priorities on All Kubota Utility Vehicles

Each model in the Kubota RTV series is designed to ensure operator comfort and safety. The durable bench seats are roomy and comfortable; the dash layout is simple and intuitive; and, the flat floor provides unobstructed legroom. Whether driving the RTV900, RTV1100, RTV500 or RTV1140CPX, operators can ride assured that the integrated Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) is designed for optimal safety and meets OSHA and SAE rollover protection standards. All Kubota RTV models are available in both Kubota Orange and Realtree® Hardwoods Camouflage, and feature an extensive list of optional accessories and implements.

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