TurfEx releases new multifunctional zero-turn mower attachment

TurfEx introduces the new Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep Package, an attachment system designed specially for zero-turn mowers. Providing unmatched versatility, the attachment can be converted from a sweeper to a dethatcher without having to purchase additional equipment.

Available in both 48- and 60-inch widths (models MT480 and MT600, respectively), the Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep Package uses a universal mount that easily fits the form of most major manufacturers’ zero-turn mowers. The attachment includes two rows of brush sections, which can be replaced with spring-mounted tines to turn the sweeper into a dethatcher in just a matter of minutes. To switch between the two, the operator simply removes a containment plate, and then slides the brush or tine sections in and out of the housing.

As a sweeper, the attachment is popular for both grooming and debris cleanup applications. The durable, resilient polypropylene brushes work equally well in forward and reverse, helping to clean out tight spots that a zero-turn mower is capable of reaching.

The dethatcher version contains special tines for keeping turf damage to a minimum, whether the mower is driving forward, backing up, or conducting a tight turn. It also includes support wheels with adjustable height in order to optimize control while dethatching.

To minimize turf damage and eliminate gouging, the attachment package features TurfEx’s exclusive Flex Hitch design. This system allows the attachment to automatically pivot on the hitch as the ground elevation changes from one end of the unit to the other. A lift kit is also optional for raising the attachment off the ground when not in use.

To extend the versatility of the Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep Package, TurfEx offers a leaf pusher accessory, which mounts to the front of the housing.

Other zero-turn mower attachments from TurfEx include spreaders and sprayers. All TurfEx products come standard with a two-year limited warranty.

TurfEx is a product division of TrynEx International. Other TrynEx brands include SnowEx winter maintenance equipment, and SweepEx broom attachments. For more information, contact TrynEx International, 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren, MI 48089, call 800-725-8377 or 586-756-6555, fax 586-755-0338, e-mail info@trynexfactory.com or visit www.trynexfactory.com.