Mounted HydroSeeder for small projects

Finn Corporation’s T60 Series II HydroSeeder is a versatile, economical solution for seeding and mulching projects. The unit is available as either a trailer-mounted model, the T60T, or a skid-mounted model, the T60S. Both are ideal for yielding professional results on small and midsized hydroseeding applications.

Powered by a 25-horsepower Kohler Command gasoline engine with electric start, the T60 includes a durable steel tank with a 600-gallon liquid capacity. The tank accommodates 1,550 pounds of granular solids or 200-250 pounds of fiber mulch, allowing users to cover up to 7,200 square feet per load with seed, fertilizer or mulch.

The T60 features reverse mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation. This system yields a higher quality slurry than a conventional jet agitator can produce. Liquid recirculation keeps heavy solids in suspension, while the agitator thoroughly mixes the slurry. The result is a consistent discharge from the hose, even with tough material, such as wood-based mulches. The agitator is hydraulically controlled, so it can operate at a different speed than the rest of the machine. Operator controls are conveniently located at both the front and rear of the unit.

A 65-gpm, direct-drive centrifugal pump with electric clutch allows the HydroSeeder to discharge slurry up to 90 feet from the end of the hose. The unit comes standard with a powerful 12-volt electric hose reel and semi-rigid polybraid hose. All components are engineered to maximize output and operation pressure, while minimizing maintenance requirements.

The T60T trailer-mounted unit features a low profile for easy material loading and excellent stability, and is equipped with a large toolbox, allowing convenient storage of hoses and nozzles. The trailer is designed with electric brakes and either a ball or lunette eye hitch, and it is DOT approved for towing at highway speeds.

Narrow fan, wide fan and long distance nozzle configurations are available. The unit is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Typical hydroseeding applications for the T60 include projects on residential areas, golf courses, sports fields, parks and cemeteries. It can also function as a first response firefighter, portable wash-down rig or small water carrier. Furthermore, it mixes and applies various liquid, powdered or solid additives for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning and industrial uses.