New technology resists being infiltrated by roots and grit, doesn't use a toxic herbicide to resist root intrusion.

Rain Bird introduces Copper Shield technology

Subsurface drip irrigation is recognized as an ideal method of efficiently watering shrubs, plants and turf grass. However, subsurface driplines have also had a reputation of being infiltrated by roots and grit, reducing its effectiveness and reliability. Many subsurface dripline products use a toxic herbicide to resist root intrusion. Now, Rain Bird is introducing a revolutionary new product as an answer to both issues—XF-SDI Series Dripline with Copper Shield™ Technology.
The latest innovation in the Rain Bird Xerigation Family, XF-SDI Series Dripline offers up to 90 percent watering efficiency for turf grass, shrubs and groundcover. Because the dripline is buried underground, it is unaffected by wind, evaporation or vandalism, effectively watering plants and turf while using 30 to 70 percent less water than overhead sprays. With its durability and efficiency, XF-SDI Series Dripline provides a much-needed option for the growing number of communities that have passed legislation limiting the use of overhead sprays for irrigation near buildings and hardscapes.
“While the XF-SDI Series Dripline is certainly water-efficient, it also provides a number of other important benefits,” said Samir Shah, Rain Bird’s landscape drip marketing manager. “For example, in addition to more common drip applications such as the areas between curbs and sidewalk, this dripline can also be used to irrigate sports fields, making it possible for athletes to use the fields even while irrigation is taking place. Because water is being distributed underground, there’s no wet grass or pavement to increase the risk of slipping and falling. There’s also no overspray that can potentially damage fences, sidewalks, parking lots and buildings.”
One particular feature that sets the XF-SDI Series Dripline far apart from other subsurface dripline products is Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield™ Technology. This unique technology protects dripline emitters from root intrusion without the use of chemical treated filters. Developed by Rain Bird researchers, this technology replaces a chemical-based herbicide containing trifluralin used for other subsurface dripline products to prevent root intrusion. Copper Shield™ Technology does not require the use of EPA-approved handling procedures needed for some trilfluralin-treated filters. Since 2009, the use of trifluralin as a herbicide has been banned by the European Commission.
“Rain Bird has always focused on environmentally-sound products and practices,” Shah explained. “That’s why we took the time to develop Copper Shield™ technology that does not use the chemical trifluralin.”  
The most flexible dripline tubing in the industry, XF-SDI Series Dripline also features a proprietary emitter design that resists clogging by combining an extra-wide flow path with a self-flushing action. This low-profile, pressure-compensating emitter design also reduces in-line pressure loss, allowing longer lateral runs, simplifying design and reducing installation time and costs. Due to its integrated pressure compensation, XF-SDI provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length for more uniform watering.
XF-SDI Series Dripline with Copper Shield Technology is now available in a wide variety of emitter flow rates, emitter spacing and coil lengths. For more information about the new XF-SDI Series Dripline or any of Rain Bird’s other quality drip irrigation products, visit or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.