Parker Estate Master Commercial lawn sweeper

Parker offers the Estate Master, a towable lawn sweeper which is formed by hitching three Parker Suburbanite lawn sweepers together. With a 100-inch sweeping width, the Estate Master is capable of picking up sunflower seeds, grass, leaves, twigs and debris from a large turf area.

Easily towed by a front engine turf and garden tractor, zero-turn riding mower or an ATV with a rear hitch hole, it leaves a noticeable, more groomed field. The Estate Master has eight polypropylene, steel-backed brushes in four staggered rows and provides variable height adjustment independent of the frame which provides excellent performance for various situations.

Each unit has a front face plate with a variable vertical adjustment to help control how debris is deflected into the basket. Additional features include heavy duty rear casters, sintered pinion gears, sealed ball bearings on the brush axle for extended life and tubular steel frames. The mesh bottom reinforced vinyl baskets, used on synthetic turf, allows the rubber compound to fall back onto the field while picking up litter.

With a one-year parts and labor warranty, the Parker Estate Master is produced in the Ariens manufacturing facility in Auburn, Neb. 

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