PCC controller now prepackaged with Solar Sync

Hunter Industries’ Pro-C Conventional (PCC), the smart, fixed station controller, is now available prepackaged with the Solar Sync weather-based evapotranspiration (ET) system. Installation is simplified, as the Solar Sync module is prewired and mounted inside the PCC controller. Just affix the Solar Sync sensor to the roof to enjoy on-site schedule adjustments. The Pro-C and Solar Sync combined make an effective, economical, ET weather-based irrigation system that saves water.

The PCC is the fixed station version of Hunter’s proven Pro-C controller line, and boasts the same features, including: three programs with multiple start times for various watering requirements; independent scheduling options (days of the week, odd/even, and 31-day intervals); and non-volatile memory, for backing up programs in the event of a power loss indefinitely. These powerful features make the Pro-C controller a perfect match for any residential installation.

The Solar Sync is a weather-based sensor system that continually gathers solar and temperature data used in the calculation of ET. Solar Sync then modifies the irrigation schedule in the controller by applying a seasonal adjustment, or water budget, to the program run times every day. This results in a more efficient irrigation system which applies just the right amount of water required based on varying weather conditions.

As a global company, Hunter Industries approaches the challenge of minimizing water use with an in-depth understanding of the big picture. The company constantly pursues more advanced methods and technologies that help apply water more efficiently, and fulfill its overriding commitment to conserve our planet’s most precious resource.