Profile Products LLC has introduced Sodium-pHix as the newest soil neutralizer in the line of ProPlus Prescriptive Agronomic formulations.

Natural gypsum soil neutralizer lowers sodium levels

Profile Products LLC has introduced Sodium-pHix as the newest soil neutralizer in the line of ProPlus Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations. This natural gypsum mineral effectively lowers sodium levels in soils to enhance vegetation. When absorbed into the soil matrix through rain or irrigation water, Sodium-pHix increases the electrolyte concentration and provides calcium to create an ion exchange reaction with sodium.

The granular product comes in two particle sizes – a fine-granule hydro formula with a suspending agent for use in hydraulic applications, and a larger broadcast particle for application through a spreader.

“Our ProPlus line of soil neutralizers work to balance soil pH to improve sustainable growth,” said Profile’s Vice President of Erosion Control Solutions, Marc S. Theisen, M.S., CPESC, CPSWQ. “Sodium pHix specifically controls soil salinity and increases calcium content and is an effective solution to add to our line of ProPlus Agronomic Formulations.”

Two Sodium pHix formulations offer the following key benefits:

Improves Soil Structure—Gypsum provides calcium, which can flocculate clay soils and reduce the swelling of smectite and open pore spaces, improving the penetration of water, air and roots into the soil.
Enhances Moisture Retention—Gypsum helps soil take in and retain moisture, which is especially critical in times of drought. 
Improves Fertilization—Supplies bio-available calcium and sulfur, elements vital to proper plant growth and development.
Has a Positive Irrigation Effect—Controlling soil salinity with appropriate water management is especially important because soils with high sodium content do not perform as well as calcium-rich soils.

Sodium-pHix joins three other ProPlus soil neutralizers: Aqua pHix™ Hydro, Granular, Spray and Fertigation proprietary formulations of self-buffering, chelated organic and inorganic acids designed to help manage alkaline soils; NeutraLime™ Dry which contains 50 percent more CaCO3 and is used for soil pH values less than 6.3; and NeutraLime™ Liquid, an easy-to-use additive which contains a high concentrate of the purest form of limestone.

Sodium-pHix provides yet another product offering to allow Profile and its distributors to provide comprehensive soil solutions to customers. For more information about Profile’s entire line of ProPlus Agronomic Formulations, call (800) 508-8681 or visit