New TurfEx MS4500 electric-powered topdresser

TurfEx introduces its 1.4 cubic-yard capacity MS4500 topdresser. Featuring polyethylene construction, fully electric operation and precision spreading ability, this trailer-mounted unit is unlike any other topdresser on the market. It has the ability to spread standard topdressing sand for golf courses, crumb rubber for synthetic turf fields and a variety of other bulk materials including compost and soil conditioners.

The MS4500’s heavy-duty polyethylene construction eliminates the corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with similar steel built models, while also making the unit up to 40-percent lighter. Furthermore, it features large flotation tires and exerts only 18 psi when fully loaded, allowing safe operation on delicate surfaces such as golf greens. The lightweight construction also lessens fuel consumption for the towing vehicle.

Another feature unique to the MS4500 is that it’s a completely electric-powered unit – meaning no hydraulics or gas engines. This eliminates the possibility of hydraulic fluid leaks that can burn grasses and greens. It also equals quieter operation than gas engine or hydraulic powered models, and further reduces weight, maintenance requirements and fuel consumption.

The MS4500 offers precision spreading ability, making it ideal for lighter, more frequent applications. This saves material and also works well with new techniques such as verticutting, an alternative to traditional, time-consuming turf aeration practices. The unit includes an 18-inch steel spinner with adjustable fins that angle to accurately direct material spreading. Additionally, an electronically controlled flow gate and advanced dual-variable speed controller with digital readout further ensure precise material feed and spread pattern.

Another innovation to limit material waste is the way the MS4500 engages its components in a controlled pattern. When the machine is activated, the spinner engages first, followed by the flow gate and lastly the auger. This ensures the spinner is clear and spinning before receiving material, eliminating piles from forming onto the turf. When powering down, the components disengage in the opposite order – with the spinner stopping last – to eliminate the same result.


The hopper includes the patented TurfEx baffle material flow system and is equipped with an auger for feed and control of heavier bulk materials. A standard vibrator breaks up clumping and further enhances consistent material flow.

Other standard features include an integrated trailer, clear/fitted hopper cover and top screen. The unit is also covered by a two-year limited warranty.

In addition to the MS4500, TurfEx offers two other topdressers, the MS1875 and MS2000. Designed to mount on tractors or utility vehicles, the units are equipped with an auger for feed and control of bulk material, including compost, pelletized lime, topdressing, and other granular products. The MS1875 offers a 9 cubic-foot capacity hopper with a 3-point hitch mount, while the MS2000 has an 11 cubic-foot capacity hopper and mounts to the bed of utility vehicles.