Prevent quick coupler accidents

The Claw, a new product from Underhill International, helps prevent dangerous and unpredictable quick coupler accidents on sports fields and large commercial sites, including parks and other public areas.

Quick couplers often become unthreaded from swing joints during hand watering and cause a high-pressure “geyser” of water that not only floods the turf but can cause serious injury to maintenance crew.

To prevent this hazard, the Claw acts like an anchor, holding the quick coupler securely in place, restraining rotational, vertical and horizontal motion.

The device is easy to install and works like this:

The Claw fits inside most valve boxes without any cutting or alterations.

It attaches directly to the base of the quick coupler valve with a hexagonal receptacle and single stainless steel bolt. Claw tines extend six inches below the plane of attachment and are embedded in the soil, approximately five inches below grade.

Once the Claw is backfilled in the soil, it prevents any movement of the quick coupler, regardless of tension from the hose.

The Claw is constructed from high-strength, one-piece ductile iron and is available in two models: QCA-075100 for all ¾” and 1” valves and QCA-150 for all 1 1/2” valves.

For more information on the Claw, contact Underhill International at 866-UNDERHILL (866.863.3744) or visit the website:

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