Bayer Environmental Science recently announced it received registration for the newest generation post-emergent herbicide, Celsius, which will deliver the highest degree of weed control on warm-season turf. Celsius herbicide is safe for use year round on the most important warm-season turf types (St. Augustinegrass, centipedegrass, bermudagrass, and zoysiagrass). It provides exceptional control of troublesome broadleaf and grassy weeds, application convenience, flexibility and long residual. [STATE REGISTRATIONS PENDING]

Lawn care operators (LCOs) can feel confident applying Celsius even at the highest temperatures without fear of phytotoxicity. This key product benefit gives LCOs the ability to control broadleaf and grassy weeds during high temperatures allowing the turf to reach its optimal density during the most favorable time of year for growing grass. There is no better weed control than dense and healthy turf, which results in happy customers and fewer callbacks. 

Celsius has shown specific benefits in terms of broad spectrum control for more than 150 weeds, including doveweed, bull paspalum, large crabgrass, dandelions, Virginia buttonweed, and dollarweed.  Celsius gives LCOs the freedom to make post-emergent applications on a wide selection of weeds when it’s convenient for them.  Until now, the window for application with traditional post-emergent products has been limited due to restrictions at high


Celsius features the proven power of dicamba along with two new active ingredients, iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium and thiencarbazone-methyl.  These two actives serve as a new tool for turf managers’ resistance management programs.  With three use rates, Celsius offers turf managers the flexibility to select the rate that is right for them depending on the size and weeds to be treated.  With a maximum use rate per season of 7.4 ounces per acre, Celsius uses 25 to 75 percent less active ingredient than other post-emergent herbicides.

As both a contact and systemic product, Celsius attacks weeds through both the shoots and the roots.  The soil activity of Celsius provides a barrier of control for up to 60 days after the application is made.  This allows the turf to release into areas where weeds have reduced the overall quality stand of turf.

 “Until now, LCOs had a constant challenge of determining what herbicide to use and when they could use it.  With the arrival of Celsius, they finally have a post-emergent herbicide that delivers the superior spectrum of control they expect from traditional post-emergent herbicides without risking turf safety,” said Matt Bradley, herbicide business manager for Bayer Environmental Science. 

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